Empowering Women’s Birth Choices- It Takes a VillageĀ 

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Sometimes, you get ideas that just make you tingle.

I’ve talked to quite a few people over the last few months about natural birth. I am so absolutely honored to have inspired so many women to take a second look at their birth options, and even more so that they feel comfortable enough to confide in me on the topic.

In these conversations I have helped a few mamas-to-be with books, classes, and other support to have a beautiful natural birth that they are looking for.

So I decided to start a Go Fund Me.

And it felt so good.

I’m raising money to help purchase books and classes, hire doulas, and hopefully, one day even help to pay for out-of-hospital births when mamas prefer.

I feel so honored-lucky even-that I had the birth that was everything I dreamed of. It was not easy to stay motivated in this society that is filled with so many stigmas around natural birthing. In the early stages of my journey, I lacked support and I don’t want those doubts to hold back any woman who wants to welcome their new baby naturally.

The other day I wrote down some of my passions and my skills to try and find my purpose, and when I started that Go Fund Me account, I found my purpose.

Here is the link to the account. Any little bit helps- even just a share on Facebook.

And if you are looking for some words of encouragement, positive stories or other help on this divine journey, please email me at f3malien@gmail.com.

Thank you all for your support.

Love + light.. šŸ’•