5 Yoga Poses to Harness the Full Moon’s Feminine Energy

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If you know anything about me, you know about my borderline obsession with the moon.

Recently I heard about the importance of aligning our feminine cycle with the lunar cycle. If we think about it, both are one month long and travel 4 different phases- it makes perfect sense. As I try to get my life on some sort of schedule approaching my 4th month of motherhood, I decided to share a few of my favorite ways to honor the lunar cycle (with the help of Miss Avery Rion).  Incorporate these yoga postures into your full moon ritual-and if you don’t have a ritual, here is a great place to start!

1. Low Lunge Crescent Variation –   Anjaneyasana  

Tips for this pose:

  • Stack your front knee directly above your ankle
  • Tuck your tailbone and be careful not to over-arch your lower back
  • Drop your shoulders away from your ears
  • Lift your gaze and your chest for an extra heart-opening affect

Why this pose?

Low lunge stretches the groin and activates your Sacral Chakra (second chakra), located in your pelvic area. Naturally, this chakra is associated with the sex organs as well as creativity, and passion. The Sacral Chakra allows you to let go and accept transformation and is also associated with the Moon and all of her feminine glory.

2.  Warrior II – Virabhadransana II

Tips for this pose:

  • Bring front knee bend to a 90° angle
  • Keep your hips facing forward, while your gaze turns to follow your front hand
  • Drop your shoulders and lengthen your neck
  • Tuck your tailbone, careful not to over-arch your lower back
  • Sit deeper into the lunge for a greater stretch

Why this pose?

Again, the lunging of this pose opens your feminine Sacral Chakra. The lifted chest and open arms activates the Heart Chakra, welcoming self love. As your healing center, activation of your Heart Chakra is important during a full moon to release what no longer serves you and make room for what the Universe is offering.

3. Bent Knee Triangle Pose – Trikonasana

Tips for this pose:

  • Keep the front leg knee at a right-angle
  • Release your shoulders from your ears and extend through your fingertips
  • Lift your gaze toward the sky

Why this pose?

Triangle pose is wonderful for the first 3 chakras: Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus. By taking this pose in a bent knee variation, we are deepening our pelvic stretch and focusing on the Sacral Chakra once again.

4. Garland Pose – Malasana 

Tips for this pose:

  • Keep heels on the floor, or support them with a folded mat
  • Place your hands in Prayer Pose at your heart
  • Resist the insides of the knees to your elbows
  • Drop the shoulders from the ears and tuck your tailbone
  • Imagine a straight line from your tailbone, to your head, and extending upwards, lifting the crown of your head

Why this pose?

Garland Pose is a beautiful hip opening stretch, which by now we know awakens our Sacral Chakra. Hands placed in Anjali Mudra (Prayer Pose) at our Heart Center signifies gratitude and unification. By drawing our hands together at our center, we are signifying respect for ourself as well as for other.

5. Pigeon Pose – Kapotasana

Tips for this pose:

  • Try to keep your front leg as parallel to the front of the mat as possible -the more parallel the more intense the stretch
  • Keep your front foot flexed to protect your knee (if you feel intense sensation in your knee, slowly release from the pose)
  • Drape your torso over your front shin and reach arms forward
  • Place a folded blanket under the hip of your front leg if your hips are too tight

Why this pose?

This modified pose is another hip opener to activate the second chakra. While the backbend variation of this pose opens our heart, this approach is more restorative and an important step to master before trying any other modifications of the pose.

BONUS! Mountain Pose – Tadasana

Tips for this pose:

  • Lift your big toes to ensure your weight is being pressed through the balls and outside of the feet
  • Drop your shoulders from the ears, slightly pulling the shoulder blades towards each other
  • Open your palms

This is one of my favorite poses, in all of its simplicity. Tadasana is a grounding pose that gives us a moment of reflection and gratitude. By opening the palms, we are receiving all that is offered to us. Ideal for a Full Moon to release what no longer serves us, and open up to the Universe.
In addition to these yoga postures, here are a few more practices to add to your Full Moon Ritual and harness the divine power of it’s cycles:

  1. Meditate – Release negativity and open your heart to the new offerings. Utilize this clear mind to journal your intentions.  Write down what is no serving you and light the paper on fire to burn under the Full Moon.
  2. Smudge sage -Burning, or smudging, sage bundles or leaves help energetically cleanse your space – ideal for releasing negative energies and opening to what the Full Moon offers
  3. Cleanse crystals – leave your healing crystals under a Full Moon when they need cleansing. And if you are looking to add to your collection, these Chakra Crystal Sets are for sale and include cleansing Palo Santo.
  4. Detox bath– take a detoxifying bath by adding Epsom Salts, Himalayan Pink Salt, baking soda, and lavender buds to a warm bath.

I release the negativity that no longer serves me, and open up to receive positive influences from the Moon